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*** OPENING 27TH OF OCTOBER 2023 ***

You and your fellow podcasters decide to launch the first episode of your show from the
house of Carson’s family. Where the notorious doll maker brutally murdered his
daughter. Robert Carson is on death row now, but is he guilty or is there something more at play?
You intend to uncover his secrets when suddenly there is a strange noise in the walls, a floorboard creaks,
soon you are hoping that you all make it to episode two…


Bitter Sweet Escape Room

Locked in Glasgow is proud to present our brand new family-friendly escape room experience ‘Bitter Sweet’


Brave explorers, you have come out on a rescue mission to save all the victims of the Sweetie House Witch.

Sadly even you couldn’t resist the temptation of her delicious looking cabin.

After locking up one of your friends she vanished in a puff of sugary smoke.

You now have only one hour to save your friend…

Find where the witch is hiding and defeat her for good to save the poor souls trapped here in the woods.

Remember, fairy tales of Old tell us that a crystal ball can determine our fate.

What they don’t tell you: you can change what lies ahead.

All you need to do is burn the crystal ball into dust! 


    • A traditional escape room full of neon lights
    • One room with a little house within and lots of fun, colorful lights
    • Escape game requires minimum two adults
    • Recommended for teams of 2 or beginners
    • Game Flow: Mainly linear
    • Recommended age: 14 + or accompanied by adult
    • No prior knowledge is needed
Those under the age of 16 require an adult playing the game with them as part of their team. 


Ghosthunters Escape Room

A tragedy has struck the family of a former Ghosthunter and an evil spirit has been unleashed on Glasgow.

Are you ready to uncover what happened to the family and lay their spirits to rest?

Peter Verner has turned his apartment into a ghost-summoning laboratory.

Challenges await you where you’ll need to understand the experiments that took place, the spirits that have awoken and how to save the city.

We need a team of Ghosthunters with cunning, intellect and the courage to take on the undead.

Who are we gonna call? We’ve called you!



A hi-tech, ultra immersive room great story

  • Recommended for bigger teams
  • Multiple rooms with unique decor and creepy atmosphere
  • Game Flow: Non-Linear
  • Recommended age: 14 + or accompanied by adult
  • No prior knowledge is needed
Those under the age of 16 require an adult playing the game with them as part of their team. 




Glasgow School of Magic Escape Room

You have been offered a place to study at Glasgow School of Magic.

You will test all your senses, cast spells and mix potions.

Are you going to graduate as a Wizard/Witch?

You have only 60 minutes for your final exam…

Good luck!


  • Perfect adventure for friends and families.
  • Recommended for bigger teams.
  • Game Flow: Non-Linear.
  • Multiple rooms with unique decor.
  • Game suitable for families with children. Recommended age 8+
  • No prior knowledge is needed.



  • Recommended for children party aged 10 and above.
  • We require one adult in the room with all kids parties (below age 14) for supervision. The adult does not count as a player and does not need to play for ticket. The adult can be 7th person in the room. If you have more than one adult it will be treated as standard booking and all players will be charged.

Example: 4 children + 1 adult ( adult free) but if you have 4 children + 2 adults ( both adults need to pay for the tickets)





The Surgery Escape Room


The one thing you remember from the night before is that you were drinking Martini with a Doctor in a Hotel bar.

You woke up handcuffed to a wall in The Surgery …

Will you get out alive?


A hi-tech, ultra immersive room inspired by a classic thriller film.

  • Recommended for bigger teams or experienced teams of 2.
  • Age restricted 16+ at least one member of your team is required to be over the age of 18.
  • Multiroom experience.
  • Game Flow: Non-Linear.
  • This game combines old school escape games with modern technology.
  • No prior knowledge is needed.


You have received a strange letter.
Your late great great grandfather’s lawyer has requested that you visit a Storage Unit facility at 93 Hope Street in order to fulfil the final wishes stated in his last will and testament.
Enter the unit you’ve inherited and discover the family secrets he wished to pass on to you…
But the truth is not for the faint of heart and will only reveal itself to the very best that the Bloodline has to offer…




  • Multiple rooms with unique decor.
  • Recommended for experienced players.
  • Game Flow: Non-Linear.
  • Recommended age: 16 + or accompanied by adult.
  • Not wheelchair accessible.
  • Tight spaces, it may involve crawling. 
  • No prior knowledge is needed.
Those under the age of 16 require an adult playing the game with them as part of their team.