Welcome to the ultimate and most exciting real escape room Game in Glasgow city centre! Locked In provides the very best in totally immersive entertainment. Our games are designed to challenge your mind, while promoting team building and communication skills. Use your intuition, brainpower and creative thinking.  Solve puzzles and uncover secrets and mysteries while you race against the clock.

Answers to common questions below...

What is an ESCAPE GAME?

A team game based around having a set time limit in which to work together and solve a range of puzzles and clues to release a key from a locked box and escape from a locked room.

Where is Locked In Escape Room located?

We are based in the heart of Glasgow, next to Central Station.

The address is:

93 Hope Street,

Suite 390, 5th floor

Glasgow G2 6LD

That’s right across from Grand Central Hotel.

The building is called Central Chambers.

Please use the 93 Hope Street entrance right next to Cafe Nero.

Inside the building take the stairs or lift up to the 5th floor.


Click here for a guided tour from Central Station

I have arrived and the main door is locked. What should I do?

Our main door is locked at certain time:

Weekdays after 7pm, Saturday after 1pm and Sunday all day.

If the door is locked when you arrive call us on 0141 248 8862 and your Game Master will come to meet you.

If you aim to be about 5 minutes early so it gives us time to meet you and get the game started as quickly as possible.

How do I book a game?

We are working by appointment and accept online reservations ONLY.

All reservations are private, meaning that you are reserving a time slot for you and your team only. Sorry, but we are unable to hold time slots without payment.

How long does the experience last?

Please allow for about 1 hour and 15 minutes to explain the rules at the beginning, play the game and talk about game play after.

Do I need to book, can we just drop in?

Locked In games are only available by pre-booking online.

If a game time is available you can book any time from 4 hours in advance up to two months before the date you require.

What happens if I'm running late?

If you are running late, please call us on 07849987449 to let us know as soon as possible.

We will do what we can to allow your game to go ahead, although you may not get to enjoy the full experience, due to bookings after yours.

However, if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your booked time, then we will unfortunately have to cancel your game and no refund will be issued.

Can I reschedule or cancel after I have booked?


You can reschedule (change your date and time) up to 48 hours before your scheduled time.

In order to reschedule you need to call us directly at 07849987449.

Cancelling: We have a strict No Cancellation and No Refund policy!

Please be aware of this before you book your reservation.

This includes players who show up late!

Can we add another member later on?

You just never know when you will pick up an extra teammate! So the answer is- yes! As long as the new total of people do not exceed the maximum limit of the room,  feel free to bring them along, they can simply pay by cash or card when they arrive.

Is there an age restriction?

Those under the age of 16 require an adult playing the game with them as part of their team.

The Surgery is strictly +16, NO CHILDREN ALLOWED IN THIS ROOM.

Bare in mind our games are designed for adults and kids will find them difficult. We would always recommend a maximum 2 children per room.

Is this going to be really hard?

Our Adventures are designed to be challenging, but not impossible. You will not need any outside knowledge to win the game. The rooms can be left at any time during the game for any reason.

Can I use my smartphone?

We do not permit photos or videos to be taken inside our rooms or allow cell phones to interrupt game play.

Do you serve alcohol?

No. Under no circumstances are you to consume any alcohol before playing your game. If you arrive under the influence of any alcohol you will not be admitted or refunded.

Can claustrophobic people play?

We have had many claustrophobic players enjoy our games without any issues. Personal experiences may vary depending on the individual’s degree of claustrophobia. The game rooms can be left at any time during the game for any reason.

It says maximum 6 players, can we squeeze a 7th person in ?

Unfortunately not. We are strict with our maximum player limits due to fire safety and insurance regulations.

We are a party of 7, can you accommodate us?

Yes, we can.

For a party of 7 you can book two rooms. We will start both games at the same time as long as the starting time is 15 min. apart. For example, you can book The Heist room at 5:00pm and The Surgery at 5:15pm, then your arrival time is 5:00pm. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL PARTICIPANTS ARRIVE TOGETHER AT THE EARLIER TIME SLOT!  

If you would like to play the same game, you can always book Ghosthunters as the game is designed for up to 8 players.

I have a coupon code and I forgot to apply at the time of booking?

Sorry no, any discount code is only valid at the time of booking.

Kids Party?

Glasgow School of Magic is kid friendly.



What the disabled access is to enter the building and in the rooms?

At the entrance of our building we have 5 steps where there is wheelchair lift available to use
Monday to Friday up until 5pm (our customers need to be downstairs at the latest by 4:45pm). This means that the game needs to start around 3:30pm in order to ensure the lift is operable upon the customer leaving the building.
On Saturdays the lift is available untill 12:45pm.
On Sundays, the lift is not available.
The best game for wheelchair access would be Ghosthunters as it has the biggest amount of space. However the one game which we wouldn’t recommend is the Surgery as wheelchair access to all areas of the room is not possible.
Please email us before the booking so we can request the assistance of the building manager for use of the wheelchair lift.
Thank you.